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What if a camera lens was a petri dish? Sujata Majumdar’s photography shows us the power of natural patterns and how scale is a fractalian concept. 


Inversion, 2015

Inspired by a sense of the evolution of landscapes and their interbreeding, a minute peace lives within the infiniteness that Sujata’s photographs depict. As if a timelessness in the materials, can tell a silent story of admiration for time itself. Expressive hard edges contrast and counter the undulant organic shapes. 


Majumdar’s elemental eye reminds us of the scientific spirit of the enlightenment. Finding out the truth brings about an enquiry into the concepts of physics and the philosophies that contextualise them, so scientific research experiments attest to. 


The cyclic nature of creation sets Sujata Majumdar to question 

how materials interact and the conditions we use to trap and affect them.   


How was the universe formed and what is our [her] place in it?

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