Artists are invited to stay in our home throughout their stay free of charge, being able to enjoy a daily meal (weekdays) with us, provided by us. The house is a 3 minute walk to the beach. They will be given electric bikes to cycle freely around and discover the area for themselves. However, there is a scheduled programme they must attend that include:

- lectures by biologists, horticulturists and assisted, hands-on on-site learning in eco-systems/permaculture

- visits to research facilities, shadowing scientists in 'Technologies of the Sea' studies

- plastic collection from the beach and ocean, separation and recycling

- visit to the bio-diversity hotspot Berlengas islands

- visit to naval industry workshops

- learn 'bilros', the local embroidery technique

- help with growing our vegetables

- help with our local educational programme

Provided by us, artists will have access to:

- Mini-library

- Workshop that includes recycling plastic facilities, a kiln, a silkscreen table, a microscope, carpentry tools, some metalwork tools. 

- Internet

- electric bike

- some digital equipment, i.e. cameras, dictaphone, screens, projector... (but not a computer)

- Land-art grounds

- paper for photocopying, note taking, planning

We aim to be low-waste (on our journey to zero-waste) therefore we expect that the artwork will come from found, foraged, repurposed and recycled objects and plastic, which means that we do not contribute or support the use or purchase of new materials. The only exception is paint, which we allow to be bought, but do not provide ourselves. 

Artists have to commit to the programme and deliver:

- an exhibition of work: featuring at least 2 new works produced during the residency

- an activist act: can be a one-off or a more permanent initiative

- a collaborative text: to be published in our journal

- be part of a panel discussion at the start of the show

We can only take 2 artists at a time. We select them by open call and we will select one Portuguese artist, based in Portugal and one International artist, based anywhere in the world. Residencies will last 8 weeks, by the end of which the show will open.

The show will travel to Lisbon and London.

Our home

Our planned workshops and public events venue, Experimenta

Baleal beach

Baleal's dunes

PeniMar's workshops (one of our partners)

Land-art grounds and permaculture learning