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is a cabinet specialist as her installations allude to a collector´s organised chaos. An anthropological eye is present in her ethnographic stories, and their humanness reflect the artist’s own histories. 


Timmer’s work unearths locality and personality: these amass in a cultural study sense of experience. With a preoccupation with the non and pre-scientific, her installations show some of the essence of Jenny’s personal experiences in remote and undeveloped farms in Africa. These memories construe further memories, and they materialize in non-binary displays of remnants that humans leave behind, may they be organic or a product of a ready-made culture. They embody the energies of the relationships between man and their environments, leaving the artist no choice but to concoct a tincture that sends the viewer into a daze with the alchemy in sight. 


The cultural artefacts Jenny Timmer displays are creations from personal, environmental and anthropological findings… a sort of artistnographic legacy. 

The Departed, 2016

The Departed, 2016

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