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Experimenta is a center for cultural hosting, artist production and the infrastructures needed to support an eco-system with very little impact on our environment. It comprises two artist studios, one roof-top vegetable garden, a public interface venue, a roof-top garden, a compost facility and a mini solar-panel farm. 

two artist studios: Ferreira and Norman headquarters office

roof-top garden, community social life

Main entrance to the gallery and public events venue

Street art corner: a street artist is invited to come and paint a mural for each residency programme 

Roof-top fast growing vegetables allotment

solar panel mini-farm to sustain our energy consumption

compost centre and goat house, which will provide us with fertilizer for the mulch

Experimenta is small but complex, designed to sustain our art and social practice with minimum disruption onto our environment


The local community is invited to host their own events, given that they link it to our ethos and wider aim.

We will also use our vegetable patch to launch fund-raiser events like hot-pot dinner parties, building community ties.


Education for everyone:

from children-friendly workshops, to lifestyle 'how to make your own soap' workshops, doctorate lectures and research seminars to consumer education and alternative ways of life


From making to showing, Experimenta is a resource in itself, open to all, with a mini-library also available for reference.


Besides its inherent relationship with the laboral forces and the meeting of artists and the local industry, Experimenta will foster paid internship programmes, to enforce the value of artists in cultural life.

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