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has a sharp, incisive eye. She documents and composes images that may be all too familiar but unveil how corrupt our society is.

People Just Watch TV, 2019

Asda Price, 2014

Asda Price, 2014 [with Joanne Hooton]

People jumble-buy food nowadays, with sales dictating what we watch on television, and algorithms conspiring with corporations upon our purchases. When we buy, we are being observed, studied.

When buying products in corporate or electronic environments, this surveillance is turned against us, in ‘game-changer’ marketing strategies that are meant to improve the consumer’s choice and increase profits for the producers. Cro operates where consume, watch and waste exist, and her methodology could be seen as sometimes controversial, as if an ethical paparazzi could finally expose society’s broadest neglecting dirty habits, which are coerced by a heavily controlled media. 


Dominique’s eye is much like the surveillance that spies on us: her (analogue) photography places the familiar in the eerie and her video work exposes this duality quite often. However, behind, there is always a much more sordid reality than the familiar.


Being consume and waste key aspects of Matéria Cíclica’s action, Dominique Cro´s work is our agent of surveillance on the surveillance, translated in terms the viewer can understand. 

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