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clara cover_insta_sept2019.jpg

looks at the space around her and deals with its wounds.

These surroundings she takes in become a metaphor for inner scapes and environmental preoccupations that are then portrayed by scars made out of natural pigments

mechanisms of breathing I

Grafting Piece, 2018

Dias’ uses a very physical process to define her canvas: tearing, sewing, juxtaposing, soaking, lacerating the works that she construes as landscapes. The works are inspired by a strong sense of presence, since they reflect the intimate relationship between the physical process, the artist, the pigment and the landscape. The lacerations of the canvas may allow the viewer to see the structure of the piece. This near tactile experience lets the body of the environment have its guts exposed, yet, it’s in what the surface endures - both the artist’s surgical creative flair and the life of the pigment - that the haptic dimension of the work is revealed.


These marks end up mapping a quasi-biographic decaying, which sparks the instinctive gestures of repairing and healing, may the metaphor allude to Clara Dias’s surroundings, the body or our greater environment, which is topically at a rupture point, in desperate need of healing. 

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